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For players born 2019/U6 to 2016/U9 – 2024/25 Season

Our Competitive Development Program (CDP) was created by like minded west-end clubs. The aim of the program is to provide a better way for all young hockey players to play more hockey and develop; at the same time be cost effective and more convenient for west-end parents. All Humber Valley house league players of all skill levels are eligible to participate on a Humber Valley Sharks CDP team.* Humber Valley will field multiple teams in each age group, and teams are tiered based on the players stage of development.

*Sharks CDP players only play on one team/do not play house league. Families/players select the stream that they prefer at the beginning of the season.

Program Benefits


  • More fun
  • More ice time
  • More puck time
  • More shots
  • More passes
  • More goals
  • More development

For Parents

  • More convenience
  • Less cost

Check out the Humber Valley Sharks CDP Core Principles


Sharks CDP teams practice every Saturday plus one additional time per week (2nd weekly practice day will vary by team) and play against other west-end club CDP teams at local arenas when the season starts.  Teams also play exhibition games and enter tournaments.    


(1) CDP players register in our house league and pay the associated registration fee for their age group.
(2) Players will also pay fees directly to the team that they play on. Team fees will cover additional weekly ice time for practices and games as well as tournament fees. These fees are determined at the team leave and may vary by team due to the number of tournaments attended, additional practice ice acquired etc.

CDP Follows Hockey Canada’s Player Development Model

  • CDP players must be registered within the Humber Valley house league
  • Players of all skill levels are welcome.  Players will be tiered on an evaluation basis ensuring that they are in the optimal environment for their development.
  • Teams are made up of rosters of 18 players (16 skaters, 2 goalies). 
  • During game play, teams will be divided into two squads of 9 players (8 skaters, 1 goalie).
  • Two games will be played simultaneously in a 4-on-4 format (plus goalies).
  • U6/U7 Games will be played in a cross-ice format.
  • U8 Games will be played in a half-ice format.
  • U9 Games will be played in a 3/4 ice format and will change to full-ice after January 15th of every season to prepare for U10.
  • 44 minute games consisting of two 22 minute run-time periods.
  • Line changes are every 2 minutes on a buzzer, no stoppage in play.
    • With teams of 8 players, every player plays 2 minutes and rests for 2 minutes (shift on/shift off) providing a lot of ice time for every player

Player evaluations will begin in September and exhibition games start after Thanksgiving.  Games will not be scheduled over holidays or during the public school system March Break. Playoffs are played in a round robin, festival/tournament format at the end of March.

Download the Sharks CDP program guide and check-out the Core Principles of CDP.