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All volunteers who interact with players are required by Hockey Canada, the OHF and the GTHL to register and complete various courses and certifications.

Volunteer Registration Steps:

  1. Register in the Hockey Canada Registration system
  2. Complete a Vulnerable Sector Screening (must be completed every 3 years)
    The screening process for police reference checks and Vulnerable Sector Checks has been updated for the 2024-25 hockey season and will no longer be overseen by Humber Valley. The process will now be centralized by the OHF, and the OHF will be responsible for marking someone as eligible for rostering.
    • VSS STEP 1: All bench staff and volunteers must register with the OHF
    • VSS STEP 2: Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to the OHF screening submission portal. This email will also contain your HCR number. Once in the portal, you will upload a PDF copy of your VSC if it was completed in the last 2 years and a OHF Screening Declaration form (link below). Please ensure both documents are in PDF format and the VSC is not password protected, otherwise they will not be accepted.
    • VSS STEP 3: Await OHF review of your documents.
      The OHF will review your documents and mark you as complete and eligible to roster. *the turnaround time is approximately 3 days*

      If your VSC is expired or you have not yet completed one, you must submit an application online and use the OHF agency code: 202309TPSON6BCE7
  1. Complete Respect In Sport For Activity Leaders Online Course
    • All new volunteers that have not been previously certified by the GTHL’s “Speak-Out Harrassment & Abuse Clinic” must complete the Respect in Sport online certification for activity leaders. Please note that you must complete this certification even if you have previously completed the Respect in Sport for Parents certification.
    • You may access the online course here. Please note that there is a $30 fee payable to The Respect In Sport Organization. The course takes approximately 1 hour to complete.
  2. Complete Gender Identity and Expression Online Course
    • This mandatory requirement for all team officials and volunteers at all ages and levels of hockey must be completed by October 1st of the current season. Coaching staff and volunteers who have not completed the course by this date will not be eligible to participate on the bench or on ice until the course has been completed.
    • There is no fee for this course and it takes approximately 1 hour & 45 minutes to complete. Follow these steps:
      • Step 1: Log into your Hockey Canada account.
      • Step 2: Once logged in, click here to sign up for the course.
        • To locate the correct course, ensure that the OHF and GTHL options are selected in the upper red banner bar.
      • Step 3: Log into the OHF portal with your same Hockey Canada login to take the course
  3. Complete Rowan’s Law Concussion Safety Acknowledgement
    • Rowan’s Law requires that all team officials review the government-approved Concussion Awareness Resources every year before serving in a sport organization. These resources include important information about concussions and common signs and symptoms. Once you have reviewed the resources you must complete the acknowledgement during the online registration process.

Additional Requirement for Select & A/AA Trainers

For more information on volunteer requirements please contact